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Symmetric Internet Access

Internet access with unlimited symmetrical flow and guaranteed speed

Why Symmetric access is the right choice?

IP Internet access with unlimited transfers and speed according to your requirements.

Symmetrical, guaranteed flow with high speed access and static public IP addresses.

Suitable for all categories of business customers with small, or higher demands. Symmetric Internet access achieved through a permanent connection between Telesmart Telecom’s access point and the requested location.

Features of the service

  • High quality and reliable connection
  • Unlimited data flow
  • Realization within a few days
  • Persistent availability
  • Supervised and maintained connections
  • Quick intervention in case of interruption
  • Continuous 24/7 technical support directly with a technical person
  • Range of static IP addresses
  • Ability to connect multiple computers and devices
  • Ability to apply special protocols and procedures, in addition to VPN networks

What’s next?

Contact us – Our team is ready to help you find the right solution!