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An ideal solution for large users.

Carrier neutral data center

Bring the server to our data center, and we’ll do the rest.

Ideal solution for customers who require equipment storage in an air-conditioned data center with 24-hour surveillance, redundant power supply and the fastest internet connections.

You only need to bring your server to Telesmart Telecoms Data Center. We take care of the rest.

SET (Skopje Exchange Teleroom) is a great place for collocation and interconnection services like PoP and vPoP. It is an efficient exchange for integrated broadband and communications services for telecommunications carriers and providers.

SET has a standardized DC electrical power supply (-48V DC) for data transmission equipment such as SDH multiplex systems and additional AC power (220V AC) if required.

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Safety is our top priority – have more information about the infrastructure conditions we offer in our datacenter.

Maximum reliability from electrical outages and power failure is attained with the usage of two independent power-grid sources, generators, and a two-stage UPS system with backup batteries.

The collocation site is continuously monitored for temperature and humidity changes that are maintained through a central air conditioning system.

Fire safety is ensured by an internal fire detection system combined with 1230 “Novec” fire-fighting, non-toxic, eco-gas compliant to EN 15004-1 standards.

Telecommunication equipment is integrated into existing rack mountable cabinets, with the added ability to install additional protective cages.

Physical security of the premises is achieved through a triple protection system: double security door, constant video surveillance by detecting movements, in and around the premises and security service 24/7.